A general comment about prices

Coming here to buy brand new figures is a silly idea, as many can be pre ordered direct from the manufacturer, or online stores such as jungle and Nippon Yassan, which offer fair postage rates with some avoiding customs tax with logistical delivery. At the end of the day, you can’t fit so much in your suitcase, and if you post it back to yourself, it can end up being as expensive as ordering it online in the first place. Remember that you bought a flight ticket too! The best way to enjoy akiba is to buy 2nd hand figurines which are actually new, sealed, and then hunting for others that are difficult to find, at bargain prices. there are also goods that are not widely known. Not everything that is listed on the website is on the shop floor, and we’ve visited Animate, Ami Ami and Jungle (in Tokyo AND Osaka).

Compared to the last visit, some figures have dropped dramatically in price. Rarity is the key factor, but popularity does have an impact so a really rare but now not so popular figure will now be cheap! The market here is really about used goods, familiarise yourself with Jungle’s guide to labeling and you’ll find ridiculous prices. In general, starting at Akiba station and moving towards Souehirocho station, the prices will fall, but then there will be worse condition to consider, meaning missing parts or a damaged box, which you certainly shouldn’t care about.

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