Osaka Arcades & Gamebars Guide

Arcades & Gamebars

  • Sega Avion
  • Taito Namba
  • Taito Nipponbashi
  • Monte50
  • Ko-hatsu
  • Mixup Night
  • CrossUP
  • Gamebar Continue
  • Meat & Bones
  • Gamebar 1up
  • Video Game Bar Space

Notice: the game bars are having problems due to the legal issue of gaming copyright and some have stopped housing games.  And then the pandemic arrived and caused further problems. Please check their social media/ websites before visiting.  Most have closed.  Arcades continue as normal so far, but it’s recommended to visit because one day they will also disappear.

Most of the descriptions were written many years ago, please be advised.  

SEGA Avion

When I visited this joint (wayyyy before the pandemic), it was heaving.  The fighting game floor was packed with loads of different fighters including the latest KOF, all being played.  Recommended! It’s also walking distance from Den Den Town, right outside Namba station.

[ google map ]

Taito Namba

Just around the corner!  Haven’t visited it personally.  Hard to miss… In 2023 it was reported that there wasn’t much in terms of fighters.

[ Google map ]

Taito Station Nipponbashi

Got some photos here from 2023 thanks to Macpain!  They have fighters here and some shooters too, apparently Gundam was getting good play here.

[ Google map ]


This is THE famous arcade in Osaka, running a regular stream with classic and new titles.

[ website link ] [ Google Map ]

Monte 50

(Old post which may no longer be true) “I ran around a few other arcades but the thing with Osaka is that many arcades are known for a particular game more than the range. I was happy enough at Sega Avion, which has a good all round reputation. On the other hand we have Monte 50, supposedly the best spot in Osaka for competition (especially Tekken), arguably because it’s 50 yen a go.  I’ve never been there, but here are instructions culled from a few random posts on the net. Using Hep 5 as a landmark (that’s the big wheel of Osaka), get to the KFC, cross the road and go straight into the mall. You should be able to see it on the left hand side, about 50 metres in.”

In 2023, Monte50 is certainly still alive.  There’s a google map link below.

Photo courtesy of Gordon Ng

[ website ] [ google map ]

Mixup Night

If you’re into competitive fighting, you may want to keep an eye on MixupNight but their twitch and other channels seem to be sparingly updated.  Their offline events usually happen a few blocks away from the Hep Five ferris wheel.

Archive: The following gamebars seem to be closed… Haven’t been there, can’t vouch for them.  I’ve left the information as souvenirs.

Cross Up

  • They closed in December 2019
  • Floor 4.
  • Hours: Weekdays: 6:00 pm ~ 11:30 pm (on Friday, it’ll stay open till 5:00 am, if people do)
  • Saturday and Sunday: 2:00 pm ~ 23:30 (Saturday can stay open till 5:00 am, same as Friday)
  • Closed: Monday
  • On weekends, 2:00 pm ~ 7:00 pm tends to be time for tournaments & events, so please check their twitter  

It’s a FGC recommended hotspot with international players from Japan, Mexico & USA such as Koji KOG, Layec, Pako, Vicio, Score, Violent Kane and more have been playing here, exchanging pleasantries about their visit on twitter!

The last person to leave a review on Google Maps left a photo of the King of Dinosaurs! You can be sure KOF gets played there, along with card games, SFV, BB and GG.  Not far from Monte50, be sure to check it out!

tetsur00 from HonyakuKOF sometimes goes, and speaks English, so check the twitter too!

You can find Game Bar & Cafe Cross Up in the building below on the 4th floor.

[ google map ]

Osaka Game bar 1up  [ google map ]

Video Game Bar Space [ google map ]

Meat and Bones

  • Notice: the bar has now removed games in July 2018
  • ?????? ???????2-1-18 ????6F 542-0086 Osaka

Recommended by SBR.Lolo, you can eat and game here, well known for its Marvel nights.

Apparently lots of gaijins come here too because it looks like a refuge in a zombie apocalypse! 

Friendly bar owner too!

Facebook Map 


The oldest game bar in Osaka – unfortunately it’s here with just a note: this bar closed in Summer 2018

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