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Pronto didn’t make it into the latest gen console versions of Yakuza, but it’s a real chain and decent eatery with branches across Japan. While the menu should be universal, they seem to differ in atmosphere according to the location. In Shibuya, it was quite hectic, of course, while in Asakusa, it was more smoky (even with the closed off smoking area) with a more retired clientele. Opposed to the family restaurants, Pronto is aiming for the workers trying to grab something to eat with a drink, serving grilled bites and desserts with cocktails and beers. Shibuya was definitely a more pub like atmosphere. At any rate, it’s something else for the Yakuza fan to do in Japan!

The decor in the game is faithful to the stores, but it didn’t show the upstairs more comfy chairs and sofas.

 The food isn't excellent, but perfectly fine bar food.
The food isn’t excellent, but perfectly fine bar food.