Exchanging money into Yen

Many guides will tell you to use the 7 eleven bank for the best rate. This is generally still true but you need to check your bank’s charge system.


Exchange rates: everyone uses a different one because there’s different margins of profit.


For example if I buy something using my debit card in Japan, my bank will charge me to convert yen into local currency using their exchange rate (not Google’s or Yahoo’s or whatever you find on xe.com or anything). Then they will charge me a commission on top!


I find this happens now even when I purchase something that is charged in my local currency! Some stores can change the price of the charge yen into your own currency. Of course that means using their exchange rate.


The best way is to find an exchange shop with the best rate (where you get the most yen for your currency) and get cash.


It’s the least secure, of course. But when you’re trying to squeeze that yen, this is the way to do it. In the UK, it’s recommended to check the post office. In France, check Merson’s. ¬†Things change, so shop around.

Remember you have a limit of 1 million yen you can bring into the country.

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