Before you go to Japan

  • Inform your bank that you are there. Even if you don’t plan to take out money, you may feel the need at some point… you don’t want your payments being refused because of your bank’s security process – and you certainly don’t want to have to call their premium number to unlock your account…
  • See if your country has any programmes that exchange services for tourists such as health care
  • I personally never take out travel insurance but accidents can happen and while the crime rate is low, bad people do exist. If you don’t have friends or contacts or are fragile in any way, consider it.
  • Some governments want to know where you are
  • Did you put next of kin/ emergency contact details on your passport?
  • Can you get roaming on your mobile phone? Will it cost you an astronomical sum? Check with your operator for add on tariffs or get a sim card.
  • Beware of announcing on social media that you’re going away.  Do you want to get burgled?

Japan is a great place, but crazy things can happen.  Be prepared!

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