The E-ticket in English

Examples of Train and Airplane tickets!

Words you should know

Verbs : present, accord, observe, retransmit, amount, levy, consult, exclude

Nouns: kiosk, bar code, cabin, the hold, status, supplement, haul, fare, place, overload, fee

Adjectives: Latest, last, later, valid, compliant, refundable

Adverbs: regardless

What is the latest time Alan can check in at Nice?

How much baggage can Alan bring in the hold?

1. Can Alan board the plane with the eTicket?

2. Will the plane be an Air France or KLM one?

3. How much was the airport tax?

4. What is the charge for non-compliance on a long distance Business trip?

5. Can Alan exchange the flight for another time? If so, how much is the charge?

6. What is the net price of the flight?

7. If the ticket is refundable, what costs could be levied?

8. If the flight is refundable, is the overload refundable?




  • 6.40
  • No baggage
  1. no
  2. Air France
  3. €19.94
  4. €300
  5. no
  6. €59
  7. certain costs, administration costs
  8. if the fee is refundable then the overload is refundable



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