The Doctor’s

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Level 1

Nouns: appointment, bottle, pen, paper, case, prescription, ring,  pain, nose, neck, arm, throat, neck, hand, finger, x-ray, pills, practice, clinic, cabinet, coat stand, fever, temperature, symptoms, the cold, the flu, problem, issue, matter

Verbs: book, open, close, prescribe, wear, sit, stand, lie (down), cough, bend (over), sneeze, to treat

Adjectives: painful, sore, aching

Adverbs: slowly, gently, quickly


Patient enters the doctor’s room

Doctor: Ok, hello, take a ______ , what’s the _____?

Patient: I have a ______ back

Patient: I have a pain in/on/at my ______

Doctor: Can you _____  over and touch your toes?

Doctor:  Ok, now please _____ down on the bed

Doctor:  Ah you have a high _______ you must have a ______.

Doctor:  I will ______ you some medicine to help with the pain.

Patient: Do I need a/ an ______ ?

Doctor: (improvise this response)

Level 2

Nouns: ache, sore, wrist, ankle, elbow, knee, sprain, injection, infection, stitches, wound, a cut, a tear, thumb, sunburn, stomach, poisoning

Verbs: bend, gargle, sprain, inject, treat

Adjectives: sore, painful, runny, stiff, deep, daily, two times, twice, infected

Adverbs: carefully, carelessly, roughly, naturally

Patient: Hello Doctor, I have a ______ throat and a ______ nose.

Doctor: I see.  What’s this cut? It looks _____ (adj) ! We need to ______ (verb) it.

Doctor: For your throat, take this and _____ (verb) , _______ (adj) a day!

Patient: I slept in the sun and now my skin is really painful

Doctor: Ah you have a case of __________! Next time, you need to apply lots of sun-tan lotion!

Patient: I have to go to the toilet a lot, I have ______ache

Doctor: What did you eat last night?

Patient: Raw shrimp

Doctor: Ah you probably have food _________, I will prescribe some medication to help slow down the …visits to the bathroom.

Level 3

Nouns: tingle, pins and needles, syringe, needle, pulse, blood pressure, scratch, scrape, plasters, bruise, bandage, plaster cast, a sting

Verbs: wheeze, stings, to take a pulse, wrap, to swell, x-ray

Adjectives: critical, crucial, chronic, mild, swollen, inflamed, blocked, faint, broken, fractured

Adverbs: unfortunately, suspiciously, painfully


Patient: Doctor, my leg really hurts, I fell off a truck.

Doctor: Well Mr Smith, oh dear, it is _______ (very important) that we  _- ____ your leg.   Aha, now we can see it is______  you will need a ________ _____

Patient: Doctor, I was _____ by a wasp, and now my arm is _______

Doctor: Oh dear, I will give you an injection. This will ______ a little.

Patient:  Doctor, my lungs are ________ and my nose is _______, it’s hard to breathe!

Doctor: Ok,  I will give you a ______ (not strong) decongestant

Patient: Doctor, I feel ______ all the time, I’m really tired.

Doctor: Ok, let me _____ your _____.  Do you have any other symptoms?

Patient: When I wake up, my arm feels like it’s dead!

Doctor: Well, if you sleep on your arm, you will feel _____ and ______, because the blood flow is reduced. _________ there is nothing I can do about that!


The deck

The desk






Face to Face

Hand me the pen

Water glasses




The dogs

The Doc’s pen

The documents = the docs


Calling : speaking to the receptionist

Good morning can I help you?

Hello, I would like to book an appointment with a doctor

Are you registered at this practice?


I’m afraid we’re not accepting any new patients.

But, I’m really sick!

Do you live in this area?


Have you been there for more than 24 hours but less than 3 months?


Do you have a national insurance card?

No, I don’t think so…

You’ll need to go to A&E (accident and emergency) at the nearest hospital. Have a good day.

Wait, is this the card you’re talking about?

Yes, that’s right but we’re full!  You’ll need to register with another doctor in the area, look in the phone book or on the internet. If it’s serious, you’ll need to go to A&E.

How much will it cost?

It’s free to visit a GP at the walk-in centre but the wait times are long.

You will have to pay for the prescription

The hospital charge is 150% of the standard rate.

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Patient approaches the reception desk

Receptionist: Greeting / Ask if they have an appointment

Patient: responds with information

Receptionist: Explain the doctor will be delayed

Patient responds.

Receptionist: Ask patient to complete the form and ask for their Medicare card

Students can improvise an ending to this scene.

In the Doctor’s office:

Patient enters doctor’s office.

Doctor: greeting, ask for the problem

Patient: explain one symptom.

Doctor: ask more questions to get more precise information

Patient: provide more information.

Doctor: give health advice

Patient: ask to stay home

Doctor: agree

Patient: ask how to explain to your boss

Doctor: give sick note and pescription

Patient: give thanks

Doctor: ask for payment

Patient: Has card

Doctor: Cannot accept card

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