Pronunciation Round 4

Make sure to tip the waiter.
Now, I’m going for a dip.

It’s not very safe.
I don’t have any faith.

Take a leap of faith.
We’ll see if the water is deep.

John Russell doesn’t have any muscle.  I like mussels and fries.

Apply some lotion for easier motion before a dip in the ocean.

There was a lot of rain,
during the Queen’s reign.

The prince went for a run.  It wasn’t any fun.
The King is actually foreign but he is our sovereign.

It doesn’t matter.  The latter part of the evening was postponed until later.

Eventually I will go to that event.

By the way, I studied biology but now I’m a biographer, check out my biography.

I like taking photos, look at my photograph. I’m a photographer, I love photography. Now look at this graph.

There’s quite a variety of criminals with notoriety.

The Viking sailed past Iceland and took a liking to the island of Ireland.

You know, the yellow mustard in Europe has a different taste.

(UK) I looked her in the eye and said either choice would be fine.

(US) I could leave her or stay together, either choice filled me with fear.

He says the monitor is high-resolution.

He says he has money but when it’s time to pay, he runs away.

He was in a daze for days.

When she presses my hand, she stresses.

When she passed the test phases, her parent’s faces were full of praises.

It was extraordinarily big.

The organisation organised a trip for you and I to have our eyes tested.

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