Pronunciation Round 3

*some are repeated from round 2

She brought me flowers, she had mysterious powers

There are five items on the agenda.

I would just like to define the objectives of today’s meeting.  The new design is…

If you could just allow me to interject on this point.  I vow to work even harder.

The sales have been great. You should visit Wales.

The formula in this cell is wrong. We need to sell more.

I have been invited to the conference. It has been decided.

I need two sheets of paper. The vapour from the swimming pool smells strong.

You need to add salt and pepper.  He has leprosy, sadly, he is a leper.

It’s time for the tasting test!

These chips are cheap!

Could you ask her? For her, this is easy.

Have you seen him?

Could you get that for me?

It’s a requirement

As an apology, I would like to offer you

Please accept my apologies,

I would like to apologise,

I promise to wait for ever.

The bus is coming

This material is synthetic, it’s made of polystyrene

We need to recycle

Angry Andy is hungry,

I like to walk to work ,

You can find a towel in the tower

It will take sixty minutes

I had dinner at the diner

There is a strange noise in my nose

When I was young, I wanted to be a pilot

You have no rhythm

This is an  unreasonable idea

I’m quite comfortable with that temperature

There is a bird drinking my beer!

I received a letter that he has grown a beard

Later, he came to the launch and bought lunch for everyone

We have a wide range of products

The rationale is that each subject will be rational and calm.

While it sounds fun, we won’t be able to secure funding

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