Stunfest was not a Fiasco

Reading the previous news items, it becomes clear that reporting is a responsible job, and without checking both sides of the story, readers can get the wrong idea.

Here the side of the story from Anis:

Stunfest was not a fiasco.

Let’s explain with the correct timeline, words and language.

One Week Before

Webedia was supposed to give a hand to Stunfest in exchange for some money = Analysis desk, a French stream, cameras, staff, commentators etc…

They were interested exclusively in the CPT,  rather than DBFZ. They also wanted to broadcast the CPT on their own twitch channel (

However, the fact is Capcom gave 5000$ for CPT Premier Events’ TOs to have the exclusive Twitch rights ( and all other languages like capcomfighters_fr, capcomfighters_br etc…). If you want to stream a CPT Premier Event on your own channel, you’ll need a lot more money, a looot moooore. It’s normal. It’s what we call a deal, a contract, copyrights …
Because of this, Webedia finally didn’t want to be part of the Stunfest. Stunfest was left out…
Yes, Stunfest TOs called me one week before the event to handle the French stream. I said yes, I wanted to help them.

The deal : a french stream with Dragon Ball FighterZ, SFV & Tekken 7. We were supposed to have the versus stage to work alongside the uk streamers.

According to the Stunfest’s big boss the UM Boss was supposed to come one month before the event to check the place and finalise the details. He never came.  Everyone has problems. Blueprints were sent over emails, maybe the FR stream was not mentioned on the « Versus Stage » location. We’ll never know.

The Uk Stream was there, thanks to its contract with Capcom. They were paid by Capcom, not the Stunfest. The objective : stream the Capcom Pro Tour. Not much more, that was their contract. The people behind UM did a great job. The streaming was on point.

Streaming DBFZ in english was just an opportunity. They didn’t have to do it. If they wanted, they could merely stream Capcom Pro Tour…


When we came the Friday morning, there was no place for us on the « Versus Stage ». The whole stage had been taken by the uk stream. According to the Stunfest big boss, the uk stream knew that a French stream had been planned. So yes, we were surprised. But there was no time to manage this before the DBFZ tournament.

We tried to find a common solution because the choices, places and time were limited. We finally found one that was ok for both of us, FR and UK. The idea to find a new place the day after was in everyone’s heads.

 We were ready to launch the stream but one of the Stunfest TOs was not ok with the FR stream’s location.

He argued with the UK staff to use the uk analysis desk place for the French Stream, only on Friday.

After several minutes of discussion both parts were ok. I wanted to get this setup as fast as possible so I helped them (I wasn’t forced to do it but I wanted to help). Sadly, it took 5 hours to install the mic and hdmi cables…

The uk stream big boss was ill and feverish with the flu, that didn’t help the situation.

They argued again and the TO said if everything was not ready in the next 30 minutes, there would be no DBFZ uk stream (that was the ultimatum). 20 mins later everything was ready, despite some technical problems with the FR stream.  But that was ok for us.

I asked for 1 more hour of DBFZ because of the stream issue. The TOs granted us this favor.

All the Uk stream staff were adorable. Tyrant, Damascus, Matt Edwards, The Denton Twins, the host James etc…


The pools were not ok for everyone. On one side, the stunfest staff told me that was strange, it was to satisfy the uk players… On the other side, after a couple of tries, Damascus told me that he finally had to redo the pools because there was too many players from the same country in the same brackets. For example : Daigo, Moke and more in the same pool.
So he used the 32 top seeds calculation with 2017 points + 2 x 2018 points.

The Capcom Pro Tour on the Versus Stage ran smoothly. That was just perfect.
Thanks to Matthiew Edward, every problem was handled fast. Nobody spotted them !
Punk and NYChrisG didn’t shine in this tournament. They didn’t like France maybe because they weren’t treated as celebrities… I don’t know, that’s not my concern.
The Staff told me that NYChrisG came very late to the SFV tournament, was DQed in losers and left the tournament after one game.

On the Capcom deal there was an analysis desk. That means a break every 4 or 5 matches. The french has to be synchronised with the uk one. That’s normal, it’s an official restream.

They also wanted to be on the main stage for the top 8, that why Ken Bogard wasn’t allowed to move in front of the players. He also mentioned it on stage, that was hillarous. He had his smaaaall space to do his job.

Instead of the normal 2 hours the top 8 ran very late : around 4 hours … but one day we’ll need this kind of analysis desk to be professional and attract new viewers/players. All this was to make the english broadcast as the main event in … Rennes/France. I can understand. That’s the deal.

There was a miscommunication between all parties.

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