The Stunfest “fiasco” part 2

Part one is here

Since Capcom paid 5k, they got the rights to do pretty much anything they installed on the stag-, wait, correcting himself, he says they took THE WHOLE STAGE

Brits = British people (slang)

The french had prepared a whole thing called a “VS scene” (a stage) in the bleachers but the people at Capcom UK, knowing this, knowing the french had to stream on /capcomfighters_fr in french because the deal had been made, the brits took the whole stage; basically told the french to fuck off and do their shit elsewhere

In a sarcastic voice = to use a tone of voice that means that the opposite is true.  For example “I’m a gamer, I really hate playing games” – using the sarcastic tone of voice means “I love playing games”.   Usually the person speaking can roll their eyes (to look up and to the side) to emphasise this.

Got fucked = to meet a bad end / to fail

So when they (the French team) arrived at 8am, they got fucked, of course, and Capcom UK told them they didn’t know they were coming and anything about the french stream (the streamer saying in a sarcastic voice)

Garbage = trash / no value

like garbage = to treat like garbage = to be given zero value

He was pissed = he was angry / drunk – depending on context!

Not ok with this = I don’t agree / not happy with this / not content

staircase = a flight of stairs

PANIC follows and they had nothing, they’ve been told to go with the british production, like garbage, they were not ok with this and he was pissed, they finally setup next to some staircase where the pools are.

Take your time = There is no need to hurry

This is like x = this situation is similar to x.  For example: this is like stupid.  They are taking like forever. = they are taking a very long time to do something.

And counting = the amount was continuing to increase.  For example: He has lost five matches and counting (he is losing more as we speak).

Sloth = an animal that is famous for moving slowly.  E.g.: He’s like a sloth.

Take it badly = to respond badly or to be hurt (offended) by a comment

A friend of his goes to see the people at Capcom UK because wtf is this shit and tell them “look guys our stream is not here ok, upstairs you got 2 places where the french and english stream can be held since you’re not using your analyze desk for DBFZ” the UMedia boss took this very very badly (says he thinks other people are shit something like that) so he told his crew to take their time… like forever, to install the french. Anis helped them even to plug wires etc (the event for DBFZ already was 2 hours late on schedule and counting) the UM crew kept going like sloths and hoped to end this by 7pm (the end of the DBFZ pools)

Nothing to do with it: No connection, no relation

Rage = very angry

xxx please = That’s ridiculous.  Eg. You can do 100hit combo? Bitch please. Often used with “name” + please to criticise. E.g.: John pls, you’re just not that good. = John please (stop doing that).

Tyrant, Damascus, the Denton twins and the host James are cool and had nothing to with this.  His friends raged and gave them an ultimatum to end this shit quickly and they did (20 minutes after).  Unequalled Media started the DBFZ live without the french, the french mics weren’t ready, he asked for 1 more hour of DBFZ stream because wtf please.  Note that they didn’t have to stream DBFZ, they were here for SFV.

They went = They changed their attitude or way of doing something.  Eg They went full speed.  She went full attack (mode).  Went give no fucks.

Give no fuck(s) = Do not care about consequences

shitty ass = poor, low quality

For SF5 they went full fuck capcom, give no fuck etc and installed a shitty ass scene next to the big scene, they had to use the english signal, they had no choice because it’s official, they couldn’t promote Stunfest with posters etc during the Capcom Fighters live stream

When capcom started the commentaries the french had to be ready at the same time

gave the illusion = pretend / give a false impression

Since Capcom paid 5k, Capcom had to be on the big scene for the finals (in the contract) so they gave the illusion THEY were the ones on it and the event was “english”, he talks about some kind of line they made on the ground i believe that Ken Bogard or anybody else couldn’t cross

To show up = to be present / to attend eg John didn’t show up at the meeting

OS = option select: a method that wins in any situation

The UM boss was supposed to come one month before the event to check everything, he never showed up then used the OS “I’ll come tomorrow” but still never showed up and didn’t tell his crew that there were french streamers

Rigged = prepared in a way to help specific people win

Facilitate = to help / to make something possible to succeed

Here’s where it’s fucked, the pools were rigged ala justing wong to please Capcom UK and facilitate the english players then Capcom validated them.

Note: Anis says the pools were not rigged, just changed to have more International players in each pool.

They did the pools = they organised the brackets for the pools stage

Got bodied = were defeated badly

They did the pools 3 times

Was useless, all the brits got bodied

Mathews Edward was there to check if everything was in order

Thinks Ken Bogard is on the Capcom blacklist

NYChris and Punk didnt liked they stay in France both good players

NYChris was very late for sf5 and got DQed in losers and got fucked. He wasn’t very happy, did one game and rage quit the event

Besides all this, the event was great for him and thanks to the Stunfest crew

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