Methods of Cooking

We cook food with heat.  Uncooked food is raw.

On the stove / cooker / cooktop, in a pot

Boiling the water in the pot

Simmering the soup


On the stove in a pan

Fry the chips in the pan, at a high temperature with oil
Stir the food
Stir fry the rice in a wok

Stir the sugar in the coffee

Flip the pancake
Turn over the burger


On the grill

BBQ/ grilling on the grill

In the oven

Roasting the chicken

Baking bread or cakes


Poaching the egg


Braising / Stewing the meat

Steaming the vegetables with water vapour


Mash > Puree

Mashed Potato

How do you cook …?

  • Steak
  • Potato
  • Egg
  • Bacon
  • Noodle
  • Cake
  • Pasta


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