I’m not gonna make it out of pools

“I have a tournament this weekend, but looking at the brackets, there are two top 5 players in my pool. Of course, only the top two will go through! It feels like this was all a waste of time, all that training, all that money spent on the tickets, was for nothing. What was the point?”

Coach Smith says:
What is the point, indeed. Travelling, training, all to get destroyed by some top player, happens in every sport. Some players don’t get a chance to experience what it’s like against “legendary” players. Every match is a level up. Getting to know a top player, even if it’s only for two rounds, will reveal all the weaknesses in your play. If you can’t learn from this, getting to the top is going to take much much much longer.

Of course, if you never expected to win in the first place, and was just entertaining a dream, then we have to accept that you’re just complaining for the sake of it. Perhaps you would like more matches before inevitably crashing out, but hey, I hope that’s not just because you need to feed your ego, having beaten up more opponents for your entrance money. If so, that attitude doesn’t suit you. You can be better than that!

Enough griping, get back to training!

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