The Stunfest “fiasco” Part 1

There are THREE PARTS to this story.

The following post is based on an transcript from kappa on Reddit, from a  stream by Anis…  Anis has stated to me that the article has some inaccuracies and the reddit user just took what they wanted (probably to vent).

So do not treat this article as truth – but it’s a good exercise to understand Internet English slang.

Source: r/Kappa
“Some interesting BITS of the Stunfest fiasco”


Anis on Twitter


Premier = First / First class / Top class / High level

tldr = Too Long Didn’t Read = a summary that is written for people who don’t have time to read

TOs = Tournament Organisers

restream = to stream a recording of a past stream.  With no restreaming rights, your channel is the only place to watch the show.  Many events share rights between broadcasters so they can restream in various languages.


(noun) + wise or else :  anything related to the noun

Example: we will get the rights to do anything stream wise or else.

So this means: we will own the rights to the stream and anything else related to the stream.

Get the rights: acquire the licensing rights / the legal authorisation to do something, such as broadcasting a show or selling a branded product.

No (noun) whatsoever = this (noun) is not possible at all!

I have no time whatsoever



Capcom, to help TOs of premier events, give $5000 (~4300€ for the Stunfest) to help with whatever and obviously get the rights to do anything stream wise or else, so no restream whatsoever only /capcomfighters /capcomfighters_fr /capcomfighters_de /capcomfighters_ch /capcomfighters_jp etc

With the rights to do anything, Capcom apparently wanted, and had, an “analysis desk”.


To be hardcore = to be a professional (to earn money), to do or learn something, or to be involved with something, as much as possible.

I want to be a hardcore gamer (I want to reach a high level or just play all the time)

I want to play tennis hardcore (I want to learn everything about tennis as be serious)

I want to play hardcore tennis = I want to play the game seriously with serious people

This guy is hardcore! = He really knows a lot about the topic / has a high level

(all) (noun/adj) and shit = etc

Normally derogative. “All” can be omitted.

He was standing in the rain, all wet and shit, asking me to come out.

They want to be professional and shit, but they can’t even spell

Have to / had to  = obligation

Tomorrow, I have to wake up early.

Yesterday, I had to wake up very early!

Break = noun or a verb. To take a short rest, eg lunch break, Coffee break, cigarette break.

Let’s break for lunch.

We’ll break at 12.

To take time  = the duration of the action.

The meeting will take 30 minutes.

The train takes one hour to arrive at work.

It will take time to learn


Capcom wants to be hardcore eSports and shit with their analysis desk so they had to talk about the 2 winners, 2 losers then break to sell some gaming chairs, 2 losers, break, final loser, final winner then break to sell some lagless monitors and grand final the TOP8 took at least 4 hours this is why everything ran very late

To fork over = to reluctantly give goods or money

Fork over the cash!

(Your) thing = the topic or item

What’s this thing = what is this item

What’s your thing? = what’s your hobby/ interest ?

I have a thing for this character = I have a passion / obsession for this character

Fellas = Fellows / Friends / Colleagues / Associates


Stunfest TOs called Anis one week before the event because there was some problem with the streaming rights (Anis was going to restream in French). Capcom clearly told them, “look fellas if you want the rights to broadcast your thing on another stream you gonna have to fork over more than $5000”

In the first place = in the beginning of the story

Ridiculous = crazy / insane

I don’t want any shit = I don’t want any trouble / arguments / complaints / difficulties

5k = 5000


He doesn’t say the amount because he doesn’t want any shit about it but he insists on the fact that 5k is ridiculous compared to what they asked for in the first place.

Blabla  = etc / you have to guess the details but it should be obvious and not interesting or important.

He likes this character because she has a good costume, blabla…

For some cash = to pay or to be paid money. If the context is not clear it could mean either.

I’ll do that for some cash.

In the article, Webedia was offering to pay Stunfest.

The bleachers = rows of seating that are tiered behind one another.


Webedia (french company in online media blabla) was interested in “helping” the Stunfest with their own “analysis desk” in the middle of the bleachers, for some cash of course.

CPT = Capcom Pro Tour

CV = ?

DBFZ = Dragon ball FighterZ

Backdash = jumped back very quickly

Bailed = aborted / quit / ran away

aka = also known as / this is the same as

In a pile of shit = in a very difficult situation

He’s a pile of shit = he’s worthless


Webedia was very interested in the CPT for CV stuff but not DBFZ and when they found out what Capcom asked for the rights of streaming they backdashed aka they bailed and put Stunfest in a pile of shit

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Part 2


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