What is the Queens of Fighters?

The Queens of Fighters project was born in 2018 from an idea of Artiko Kashir. He has done some Italian translations for the KOF XIV characters guides when he joined Orochinagi in 2017, but something was bothering him …

He thought : “How can we make the SNK fgc more interesting and help it grow ” ?

He was pretty sure that there was a huge community scattered in the world, doing many things, such as events, arts and cosplay, and for some reasons they were not getting the attention they should, for their efforts.

Most of the new generation doesn’t really know how iconic SNK is, in the game industry, especially for fighting games.

Most of the time, we saw male fans supporting SNK, but there is also a female fanbase that deserves to be heard! It was time to do something.

Artiko contacted the founder Gunsmith, proposing the project. It was a YES!

After months of work, “The Queens of Fighters” project has come to life on Orochinagi!

The concept is simple : an interview of 10 questions, some pictues, a lot of fun!

There’s plenty of female cosplayers, artists, singers, players, etc. around the globe that we want to make known to the new generation!

Let’s show the fgc that we are better and bigger than ever before!!!

The project can be improved so if you have any idea please share it with us!

2018 has been a great year for SNK and the next one …. can be yours, SNK girls!

( Of course we will also be supporting the male artists and players too, stay tuned! )

Artiko Kashir / ON team

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