Akihabara Club Sega

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There are actually FOUR Sega arcades in Akiba, and plenty more across Japan.


Internet reviews argue often argue over two things: the smoke and the crane machines.  When players try to win a prize, they will keep pumping money till the prize falls over, or is close to it.  If they give up , the staff can reset the prize back to its original position, meaning the next person will have to spend the same amount of money to get the prize to fall, hence getting the store a “bad” review.  Looking over reviews of both Sega & Taito arcades, everyone has a different experience, so perhaps it’s best just to watch for staff to see what they do.  Note that you can always ask to reset the prize, in case it’s stuck or in a horrible position.

  1. Coming from Akihabara station you’ll see ‘Sega Club Building 1’ on the main street, on the left. Ground floor has catcher crane machines, basement Floor has all its fighters. It should come as no surprise that their specialty is Virtua Fighter. When I visited, they had like 10 Virtua Fighter 5R machines and some Gundam. #1 Map
  2. Sega GIGO (NOTICE: closed as of 30 Aug 2020) is not labelled as a ‘club’ and is on the other side of the street- lots of UFO, card games like Lord of Vermillion and the odd whatever. #2 Map
  3. Club no.3 is further down, next to Mulan.  Not exactly hard to spot.  Will have music games on ground floor. Often has an attendant on the street front advertising with a megaphone! #3 Map
  4. Club 4 is not far from Akiba station, but way off the strip. Has music games etc.  #4 Map

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