Frankly, we know today’s audience doesn’t want to read, they want to chat, and privately.

So here are first some discord links and then the usual channels to follow. Some are, of course, temperamental and only focus on the current game flavour of the month, so jump in while the water’s warm and the weather is good! Rollback on 2002um has changed the way we play hardcore KOF, but people are fickle, and ultimately the majority are biding their time for KOF15, don’t delay, get some games in now!


Official SNK (click on faq attack and click the bot for to enter snk-fighters or go to satella-chat)

KOF Club – French

Fighting Games Treehouse – English

KOF2K2UM – English

Hardedge – German

Wikis: – German – English

Unlimited_Match – French


System Guide video:


If you have any other language resources that should go here, simply reply or hit me on twitter or facebook or discord

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