It’s been a hard week, let’s look at all the tweets and crap you may have missed.

What do you mean you’re not watching the Dream Cancel Cup Finals?  It’s on now! Plus Fakery is streaming finals of the first SFV tournament in Scotland!

There was also a community steam battle on stream, Japan vs Korea, but they didn’t save the replay ;_;

Kensou Powa!

The craziest thing is that this combo starts with a full HD and 10% of the stock bar.  In other words Kensou has nothing but a HD meter and relies on the combo to build stock, which isn’t used till the stun occurs.

Oh, and it starts with a counter jump CD, but hey…. kudos to MOA for sticking with his characters!

KOF Graphics Comparison

Hasn’t the game come a long way since the first look?
Check it out: from 1st to 6th…

Lonestar Cup

Myu has announced the date for Tokyo as the 19th March
Come join the Japanese KOF FGC, with ON.Vicio joining in!


Tshirt Discounts!

First warning!

26th February!

Twitter Roundup

This time you’ll find lots of XIV screenshots, art, silly stuff and combos too!


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The Dream Cancel Cup Finals!




The first stop on the CPT Tour 2016.

CWC [ Facebook Page ] – [ Website ]


…. more info soon

[ facebook ] – [ site ]
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Lonestar Cup: Tokyo, Japan

March 19 Shinjuku Playland Carnival

Starts at 15:00!



It’s hard to imagine how all these games will fit into one weekend, but it will be done.  And while other events have “moved on” HS will still feature “dead” games, such as SF4 Ultra.

HYPESPOTTING V [ Facebook Page ] – [ Website ]

Want to win one? FIGHT FOR IT AT HYPESPOTTING! Or enter the pub quiz ^^


Why even go?

Take a look at #FGCMAG: Photos, Interviews, Tips, Strategies, Cosplay, Classic eSports Moments & Events – all the things related to the Fighting Game Scene & Community.

Direct Download the PDF here (15.5MB)



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