Reader’s Questions to EVO Champions, Interviews with Producers, Playing Tips, Cosplays & Fanart… everything related to FGC and the Fighting Game Scene.

A lot of work has gone into it, thanks to all contributors, who knows when the next one will be released!-

We’re listening to your feedback, that’s for sure- is there someone you want to interview? Is there something you need to put in print? Just leave a comment.

You can read below or grab the pdf, link below.


Featuring, Giby & Hellpockets, Haregoro, Myu & Tennkawa
Brook, RZR.Xian
Yasuyuki Oda, Qanba.Douyu.Xiaohai
Jen Tan, Bayu, Emperor Cow
Qanba.Douyu.Dakou, DBJ.ET, Rayokarna,
Tortita, Atma, Affro, FGCFilm & Dune
With the scenes of Costa Rica, Ireland, UK, Japan, USA, Taiwan, Indonesia, Italy, Chile & more!

Direct Download the PDF here (15.5MB)

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