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#KOFXIV 2nd Trailer

Just some news before we get to the main course! Hold onto your hats!


There will be a tournament for KOF & DOA!

While Marwan and Albanna (2nd place at 98UM Cannes) will visit Lonestar Admonition!

Speaking of tournaments:  This weekend is Xperience Gaming!

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And let’s not forget!!!

If you haven’t checked our #FGCMag you can read it after the video!  Don’t forget you can download the pdf from the store (you can put in some fake details but please tell me which country you are from).

KOF XIV: The 2nd Trailer

So here it is.  With the inclusion of two characters, one we expected and one we weren’t really sure we would ever see again.  How do you feel about this?

Some interesting points:

  • Chang’s back reads “South Town Jail Breaker”.  Breaker being written in a similar font to Breaker’s Revenge.
  • Iori doesn’t have any flames in this trailer, but is using his scraping moves again.  Does this mean there’s a DLC version or a combination of both styles in one?
  • Iori has the same red flash for his… neomax?
  • Leona’s moves seem pretty intact
  • Kyo can do crouch B, Stand C

Well, we’d all like to hear what you think.  Leave a comment!


Yes, we’re probably sticking with this name.  Remember you can download the PDF, it’s free!  Just click on the icon below.

[pdf-light-viewer id=”22052″]

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