Street Fighter Carnival 5

It seems this tournament at Mikado is completely random; competitors have to play a random game against a random opponent and hope to get the most win points!


The tournament has been taking place over recent weeks, this weeks featured games are: Third Strike, Virtua Fighter, GGXRD, Samurai Showdown 64, Arcade Hearts, Real Bout Special, KOF Maximum Impact RA and FIGHTING LAYER.

Fighting Layer? You remember right? The game by ARIKA, published by Namco, before Arika went off to do a certain SFEXAlpha?  You may recognise some of these characters!!!!

More footage from Mikado Channel.  Featured image from Fc2

Looks like fun! Could this idea work in the west?

Yatagarasu Ranked.

Yes, it begins. And the netcode seems great! Check out some matches here.

Ps. I made a mistake here: I mistook the language setting for region, the opponent is actually in France.

DKO Fundraiser

Compared to Stunfest, they don’t need much, not much at all! €750? Wow. Seems cheap! Help them with their community event in September!

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