KOF Funnies, Ougi RR Replays #KOF

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KOF Funnies, Ougi RR Replays #KOF


The Esaka showdown is looking like a fun battle, with KOF96 OST in the clear lead! With other Esaka versions (Sky Stage and 02um) added, will it keep the top spot as the people’s favourite? Go vote!


Ougi’s Round Robin Replay

Here’s the playlist of the recent tournament in Scotland, featuring Cameron, Heicko, Paladin and Atma, fresh from their battles with Tokido and Koukou, how will they use their experiences against each other? There are also FT7 sets and more!


As promised, as you kindly subbed to our youtube channel, here are some more funnies!


The more subs we get, the more funnies will be posted! Blatant extortion! Let’s go!