#Tokido streaming now #USF4 #Italy #IGT2015 Attendees #KOF #DOA #GGXRD

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#Tokido streaming now #USF4 #Italy #IGT2015 Attendees #KOF #DOA #GGXRD

Today’s update has USF4 action warming up for Redbull Kumite, a KOF introduction from the Italian Stallion, Attendee updates for IGT2015 and a happy update for the Freezer drive!


Big shout out to Youness Nali for his huge donation! THANK YOUUUUUU!!!

We only need around 200 more to reach the target! WE CAN DO IT!!!

[donation-can goal_id=’get-freezer-to-korea-igt2015′ style_id=’default’ show_progress=true show_description=true show_donations=false show_title=true title=”]

Remember there are prizes to be won! Scroll down for more details!

WIN! Lara Croft and the Guardian of Life

WIN! Lara Croft and the Guardian of Life


What makes this tournament special is that countries such as South Korea, Japan, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, UAE, US  and other countries will be participating, totalling 17!

*Supposedly, the best Japanese player Lei Fang player in Japan, Teru Dog, and one of the best Japanese Helena players will be in attendance for this tournament.


As for KOF, 777 has confirmed!


RF, Haregoro, MOA, 777, ET, Baozi, Xiaohai, Dakou, Woo, Sange, Taki, Luis Cha, Madkof & Verna, Teru Dog, Buster Wolf!

Tencent will be sending two players from China! Misterio and maybe FReeZer too (with your help!) It’s going to be massive! Ikodomo recently posted up this info at Free Step Dodge: Location: Oakwood Premier Incheon (165 Songdo-dong Convensia-daero, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon) premier Room 36th floor, Incheon, South Korea ? Prize Money

  • KOF13: 1stPlace: 2,000,000 won (~$1,800 USD) 2nd Place: 1,000,000 won (~$900 USD)
  • USF4: 1st Place: 2,000,000 won (~$1,800 USD) 2nd Place: 1,000,000 won (~$900 USD)
  • KOF98UMFE: 1stPlace: 2,000,000 won (~$1,800 USD) 2nd Place: 1,000,000 won (~$900 USD)
  • KOF02UM: 1st Place: 1,000,000 won (~$900 USD) 2nd Place: 500,000 won (~$450 USD)
  • SF3: 1st Place: 1,000,000 won (~$900 USD) 2nd Place: 500,000 won (~$450 USD)
  • UMVC3: 1st Place: 1,000,000 won (~$900 USD) 2nd Place: 500,000 won (~$450 USD)
  • GGXRD: 1st Place: 1,000,000 won (~$900 USD) 2nd Place: 500,000 won (~$450 USD)
  • DOA5LR: 1st Place: 1,000,000 won (~$900 USD) 2nd Place: 500,000 won (~$450 USD) ? There will be a raffle for a chance to win a PS4 and other prizes for participants of DOA5LR
  • VF5FS: 1st Place: 1,000,000 won (~$900 USD) 2nd Place: 500,000 won (~$450 USD)


    ? Event Matches – KOF XIII 3on3 National Team Tournament KOF02UM 5on5 National Team Tournament ? Registration : Registration Instructions: Please fill out the following and send a message to: KENSOU82@HOTMAIL.COM Name: Gamer Handle: Country of Origin: Participating Games: For More Information, click on the facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/events/881037498613725/ DOATEC LR Stream posted today! https://youtu.be/gdYNlCrr7-U


It’s now out on PSN! … With 84,000+ views already on youtube. Wow.


KUMITE WARM UPS Tokido, Mago, Infiltration, Coungster and Gagapa will be playing tonight at Meltdown from 10pm GMT+1 (in a few moments!).

Watch live video from GamesLines on www.twitch.tv

IGChannel featuring Mr Wolf

If you’re Italian and don’t know how to play KOF 13, check out this introduction by Mr Wolf! Share it with your Italian friends who are interested but still not playing KOF! Watch live video from IGChannel on Twitch


Freezer has been the main push behind KOF in Morocco would like to show the world how much work he’s put into the game! We believe he deserves a chance to get to Korea and show the world how popular KOF is across the world! Let’s help him and show the international spirit of KOFGC! Check out his skills here vs the legendary Frionel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zwf9t5Jdu3Y Orochinagi of course will be helping out, with more steam code prizes for our donators, through lottery at the end! The following PC STEAM games are up for grabs!

  • Thief – The Master edition
  • Metal Slug X
  • Murdered Soul Suspect
  • Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light
  • Deus Ex – The Fall
  • Nosgoth Founders – Warlord Pack




upcoming-2005-springHypespotting | Admonition II | Colleseum FGT | Road to Colombia | Id Global Tournament |

KOF2002UM on Steam!

is now OUT!

  • The same devs who developed the awesome netcode for KOF98FE, Code Mystics, are on the job!
  • 66 characters in all
  • New and old moves return!
  • MAX2 Moves with super detail!
  • Redone background music and win potraits!
  • Based on NESICA LIVE version with Tougeki changes!


         Visit the steam page here:

Athena, Kensou & Chin join METAL SLUG DEFENSE!!!


20 million downloads and going strong!


Now with Pao Pao flavour!



Physical Copy Now $20.69 or less| Digital Copy $5 or less!



Follow SNK for news and giveaways @SNKPOFFICIAL !

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