ON Show 38: #Ranma1/2 #CWC #VanDammage News

Friday Night – The Orochinagi Show #38

Schedule: TBC

  • Will2Pac vs Tom Sawyer
  • Ranma 1/2 Tournament (BOTH GAMES)
  • Dead Souls Challenge
  • KOF XIII Challenges: Bash | Hombre | Shaman | Karatits | Hokuto | PharaON
  • Brownsky playing BBCP by himself
  • Metal Slug X on Steam
  • Announcement of New ON Team Members!

We will be streaming on:

http://www.twitch.tv/gunsmith_on and http://www.hitbox.tv/orochinagicom  FOLLOW AND DON’T MISS IT!

CWC Update

Considering Cannes Winter Clash?

Still not concrete but at the moment here are some rumours flying around (80% true)

  • KOF runs all day Saturday/nothing on Sunday
  • Xiaohai / Reynald tipped to be invited
  • Winner of Topanga to be invited for Ultra

Current schedule


More info



The Virtual Dojo Vienna proudly announces the next VanDammage opening Tournament! VanDammage – Pound of Flesh! We invite every fan of the Fighting-Game Genre to join this Tournament and to fight it out – who the best around is – with the finest players from Austria!
19-22 Feb 2015

Main Tournament Games:

– Ultra Street Fighter Fighter IV (Winner gets at least 500€)
– Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
– Guilty Gear Xrd
– Street Fighter III – 3rd Strike

Side Tournament are always welcome.


– The latest version of the games will be played.
– The entry fee will be 10€ for all four days.
– Entry fee for each main tournament: 10€ – pot will be split 60/30/10.
– The Winner of USFIV gets at least 500€
– There will be sponsored Prices, we’ll update you on this as soon as we have further information.
– The Tournament will be streamed on our Stream-Channel: http://twitch.tv/virtualdojovienna
– There will be side events (other games, 2on2, etc.)
– Please bring your own adapter, if you play on Pad/Hitbox

More info


*Evo Photos by DZ

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