#OHN #RFD Maroc #KOF #UNIEL Results

Not to mention The Fall Classic, there was a ton of tournament action this past weekend!

Ozhadou Nationals


ON.Colonov recovered from Shadowflu and the result was obvious 😛 Baxter won Marvel.  Thanks to Kim for the photo!

Watch live video from Colonov on Twitch

Morocco KOF XIII tournament feat Ziwa from SoCal

These guys don’t play around!!!  Morocco becoming a real international destination for KOF action! Check out the videos featuring Ajeddou ( 2nd at the KOF league ) Ziwa ( SoCal player ) and Oubah ( 4th at the KOF league )

1- ON.FReeZer
2- Tinfou
3- Ziwa
4- MF.Oubah
5- Ajeddou
5- Adamovich
7- Maj-KOF
7- Striker

-Winners Final

– Losers Final

– Grand Final
Part 1

Part 2

Red Fight District

After Force DGyp’s shock exit from pools due to Youssef’s Kim.  Will2pac managed to continue his streak over Mtk.Salim and is back with a KOF major under his belt again!  Both used Kim.  It’s been a while, so we wish him luck!

I also lost to that f*cking character (amongst others).  Shoutouts to Ninjardin (OPgoro), KenDeep (fuuuuuuuuuuKim), Loona and ‘Vanessa’, Mazinf*ckingKaiser (f*cKyo), Davids (F*cKing) and some guys that I was socially retarded with and didn’t ask for names.  You know who you are! Ps I’m not salty but f8ck all those characters that beat mine :p


Lots more photos to share, but you know, I have a book coming…




Supreme Champion: CDV Will2Pac
Worthy Adversary: MKT Salim
Maybe Next Time: MD Luffy

Pool results can be seen here
All top brackets can be seen here


UNIEL Grand Finals

Justin Wong vs KenDeep


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