60N Streaming Now / BBCP 2.0 Changes / Astral Finish on Celica/Lamda

6ON Streaming Now!

Another 60 minutes on KOF 13 as Gunsmith struggles (and fails) to get ready for Red Fight District this weekend!

BBCP 2.0 Changes and Amane’s Astral Finish on Celica and Lamda

10710664_634832739970938_7919120665808331142_n 1781136_634812216639657_6230750832940085901_o Thanks to Rulo Beto Rangel Albarran for these pics! Here’s a collection of changes by Fou Shiro!


? While charging 6+C, pressing the A Button cancels the action.
? Doll 4+D changed to 3 hits. The 1st and 2nd hits cannot be blocked standing.
? Con Fuoco’s damage, foward charge strengthened.
? Con Anima now has super armor while moving and Fatal Counter properties.


? Successful D counters are now special cancellable, cancelling into Kokuujin: Yukikaze (Empty
Sky Form: Winter’s Reposte), results in an instant counter.
? 4+C sped up, charge version removed.
? Enma (Hades) jump cancel removed, recovery shortened


? C Shingi: Hirameku Ichi no Geki (Sanctus Aequum) crosses through the opponent on hit; D
Sanctus Aequuem is now plus on block
? On hit only, D Shinken: Hikari wo Tatsu Tsurugi (Sanctus Veritas) now jump cancellable (not
possible with follow-up version).
? Follow-up versions and normal versions of Special Moves now treated as different moves
(same move proration doesn’t apply)


? Ouroboros Gauge has a maximum of 3, the lower the gauge the faster the regeneration.
? On hit only, 6+C now has a Revolver Action route to D attacks.
? Jabaki (Venom Sword) now cancellable into Jasetsu (Serpent’s Benediction) on hit.


? Stand D and Crouch D now cancellable; on hit only, Crouch D now jump cancellable.
? Ground Hishouken (Ice Blade) projectile speed increased.
? Hitting a frozen opponent with Sekkajin (Snow Flower Storm) continues the frozen state.


? Stand D now has Fatal Counter properties.
? Type XI: Optic Barrel is now dash cancellable.
? Type VII: Chamber Shot now easier to use.


? The less Silpheed Gauge available, the faster the regeneration.
? After Tiny Lobelia bounces off a wall, the attack hitbox returns.
? Lotus’ bats cause lightning strikes.
? Jump cancellable moves during Overdrive increased.


? 6+D added.
? Dashing Edge to Tao Pittan (Sticky Kitty) follow-up added.
? Cat Spirit Two! now easier to use in combos.


? 6+B sped up, can now be blocked low.
? B Gigantic Tager Drive knockback changed.
? During Overdive, added guard points to his D attacks.


? Crouch D changed to one hit.
? When set, launching the staff sends it towards the opponent.
? If attack while launching the staff, the staff is re-set.
? While holding the staff, 6+A to 4+B Revolver Action now possible.


? C Bugs now have a guard crush effect.
? f of g now works like a placement move.
? Activating Overdrive while Curse Gauge is available results in an immediate curse.


? Nail placement position changed; grounded nail dash now possible.
? Overdrive activation cinematic shortened, only at low health does the Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan
cinematic activate (no changes to the properties of the activation).
? Can now block during Overdrive.


? D Attacks Lv2 and LvG now special cancellable.
? When Jump 2+C hits, Makoto bounces upward.
? Space Counter (Parrying) properties changed, now a strike with a guard point attached.


? König Wolf and Eisen Wolf now have a C version.
? Himmel Wolf is now special cancellable on a successful throw, as normal throws are.
? While in wolf form, König Wolf is now usable.


? Magical Cat and Magical Frying Pan are now cancellable.
? 3+C to D Attacks Revolver Action route added, floats the opponent higher on hit making it
easier to follow
? During Overdrive, Miracle Jeanne’s NEXT item will also be a powered up item.


? New move Id Sign added.
? Ignis can now be used in pincer attack mix-ups.
? During Overdrive, all of Ignis’s special moves are now strengthened.


? Spiral Gauge Lv1 and Lv2’s decrease speed is now slower, Lv3’s decrease speed is now faster.
? D Attacks are now special cancellable on guard as well.
? Ninpu Sengeki: “Hariken” properties changed, when placing the Drill Amane’s foot section
now has an attack hitbox.


? D Attacks are now special cancellable.
? Can now brake during Miquelet Capture.
? Charged Flint Shooter now works with the Heat Up levels.


? The latter half of 6+B is now jump and special cancellable.
? When absorbing a projectile with Growler Field, can cancel into Phalanx Cannon.
? Valiant Charge now works with more moves.
? Leopard Launcher hit effect changed.

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