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MIXUP Finals, Crossups Tip, Ratio Tournament Report #KOFXIII

   kof   June 1, 2014  No Comments

Here’s the final set from Osaka featuring Kaoru and more! Broadcast last night!

Watch live video from mixupnight on TwitchTV

The Wiki has been updated with Crossup Tips from TSS.Atma

Ratio Tournament

Ok, so we achieved the Kim spamming, bar one! Also saw only two Ioris. As Robert was only 1 point, we saw a lot of him but really only those who had been using him for a long time. Louffy had the best chance to use his usual team (Mai, King, Vice) but still lost against Jerome’s Ash, Saiki and Joe. The question is now whether to raise Robert, Kim, Claw Iori, Normal Kyo, King and Takuma?

Meltdown is a nice venue but we were asked to move at 7pm when we would finish at 8, and then they accidentally pulled our plugs twice, and it was so hot I had trickles of sweat down my side, had some gamers sat next to me making noise while I’m trying to commentate (I’m sure it was annoying for them too), and for some reason Twitch refused my connection over their fibre optic line. We were also promised 4 setups and only had 1, (plus the xbox I brought). Hmmmm.

It was my first stream using my main laptop, so I will add some notes that would be useful to the first time streamer lol to the book, which if you’ve bought you’ll get a free update.

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