#ROF3 Results / Replays / Photos

All the videos are playlists! Big congrats to BubblanAB7 for the hard work and great results!!! Mr.Wolf must get back to the lab but with a little baby girl, it’s definitely tough! Emperor Cow will be back!!! The DOA crew had a great showing at their first major event, now we’ll see if the flame can keep burning! Congrats to all winners and to all players for coming to make it a great weekend of freeplay and training. There were some issues, what with 200 players turning up for Melee, that’s to be expected…

Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate

1. Sweet Revenge (Gen Fu)
2. Gehaktbal (Jann Lee, Rachel)
3. Ky-Dragon (Jann Lee)
4. Alucardo
5. Croute Chef
5. ElenaBathory
7. Ivan
7. Kai-Wen


Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate
3v3 Teams

1 – Team MCK&Q – Sweet Revenge, Gehaktbal , Tijger
2 – Team Dimensions – 8ml4, Ky-Dragon, Sanays-Dragon
3 – Team Quan – ElenaBathory, Liz, MDI85
4 – Team Complete Breakfast – Emperor Cow, Shuraku, Alucardo

King of Fighters 13


1. MTK|Salim (EX Iori, Mr. Karate, Kim | Others)
2. ON|BubblanAB7 (Kim, Benimaru, Ash | Others)
3. MD|Luffy (King, Mai, Vice | Others)
4. CDV|Will2pac (Kim, Benimaru, Mr. Karate | Others)
5. Bash
5. Jerome
7. Senen
7. Hombre

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v2012


1. EMP|Dieminion (Guile)
2. Ryan Hart (Sagat, Ryu)
3. MD|Luffy (Rose)

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3


1. CDV|Whitebl4ck (Magneto, Dante, Dr. Doom)
2. EMP|Dieminion (Viewtiful Joe, Dr. Strange, Morrigan)
3. ON|BubblanAB7 (Zero, X-23, Dante | Others)

Full results here
More videos for Melee, SCV, TTT, Injustice, MVC3, including brackets at Armshouse on Youtube

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