Cheap Flights to Korea! #IGT2014 Fundraiser Updates

Believe it or not, flights to Jeju are around $100 round trip from Seoul. So you just need to get to Seoul!!!!

We recommend using + to help you find these cheap flights.

  • Reynald can’t go
  • Mr Kof can’t go
  • Bala can’t go
  • Romance can’t go
  • Ryan Hart can’t go
  • Marn can’t go

Register for the tournament here!!!

Cafeid are getting ready now! It’s not too late to register!

Fundraiser Updates

Fox will be attending IGT2014, well done everyone!!
With a special thanks to

Abdullah Al-Jodi

for his super donation!!!


Frionel also will be attending!  Good job – Good communities!!!!


The Send Khannibalito fundraiser has raised $1000!  Special thanks to HENRY CHOI, DESMOND DELAGHETTO, JUAN ALBERTO, CHRIS HYUN, LUIS CHA & TEAM LAGO… AND YOU for working together to make this happen!  — but there’s less than 24 hours to go and we still need much more!!!!


Here’s last nights replays, there’s more tonight!!!!


Watch live video from TeamLago on TwitchTV

Stay tuned, DC will post the next stream action from Team Lago as Khannibalito gets that Iori infinite down to perfection!!!!

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