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Anti Crossup OS Tech Update / World Heroes

   kof ,   February 15, 2014  2 Comments

Yeah. Happy Valentine’s. AtmaDP shows us more ways to stop Kyo and other dirty crossup merchants from penetrating your guard.

Normal Input: Back, QCB + [Hold] Button

Characters that can use normal input:

Kyo, NESTS Kyo, Benimaru, Billy, Ryo, Robert, King, K’ and Maxima.


More videos and explanations at the wiki entry.


And now for some WORLD HEROES 2!!!


Another piece of marvelous happines & happy feelings from Takadonobaba’s Mikado arcade, original uplad by nico user za

Unfortunately I have no clue on when this was held, but that doesn’t make it any less amazing; now, does it, right?

Title : ???????????? ?????????2??

Source :

Description : ????????????????

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