SNKP End of Year Sale!

Year-end sale!
To celebrate the holidays, SNK Playmore lower the price of all its games!
All iOS/Android applications from SNK PLAYMORE will be available at reduced prices during this year-end sale campaign!!* Offer valid until January 5, 2014.Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!!

?THE KING OF FIGHTERS’97? $3.99 ? $1.99?SAMURAI SHODOWN II ? $3.99 ? $1.99
?THE KING OF FIGHTERS-i? $2.99 ? $0.99
?THE KING OF FIGHTERS-i 2012??$6.99 ? $3.99
??NESTS-Style KYO? $1.99 ? $0.99
??IORI with the Power of Flames? $1.99 ? $0.99
?METAL SLUG? $3.99 ? $1.99
?METAL SLUG 3? $3.99 ? $1.99
?METAL SLUG X? $3.99 ? $1.99
?METAL SLUG 2? $3.99 ? $1.99
?BLAZING STAR ? $2.99 ? $0.99

Just head over to Google Play or Apple Store!

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