Its Finally been announced!!!
There will be a new update to DOA5!
and the first teaser trailer confirms Ninja Gaiden’s iconic kunoichi ..Momiji!

This trailer was shown at the end of what TN director Yosuke Hayashi announced as Japan’s “FINAL” DOA5 Tournament.

The trailer also showcases A new stage which resembles the Japan stage in Ninja Gaiden 2.

In addition, fans have already confirmed that the grunt sounds you hear in the background of the trailer are identical to the ones “Leon”, a character missing from DOA5, used to make. This may mean that we can also expect him along with other characters in the series to make a triumphant return. Can anyone say Ein or Tengu? ^^

If this is anything like the complete makeover NG3 received with NG3:Razor’s Edge, expect a ton of new content which may include new stage, new costumes, new balance, and possibly new story update. 🙂

I will fill you guys in with any new news as it unfolds so stay tuned!!

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