CafeID @Dubai Events schedule

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CafeID @Dubai Events schedule

CafeID team will be coming from France to UAE tomorrow
below is the schedule for the planned events:

they will reach Abudhabi airport around 9:00 pm
there is a possibility we will be playing and streaming casuals from Emirates Academy


BG logo

Battle ground cafe in Abudhabi will be hosting SSF4 & KOF XIII tournaments starting at 13:00 GMT
along side MadKOF, Poongko and Kensouzzang guest players from KSA and Kuwait will be joining as well
there will be live streaming on the Twitch.TV Channels below


more details about the event  will be found at battle ground facebook page



Falcon Arena will be hosting a tournament for both games at Falcon Arena’s guest house in Dubai.

it will  be streamed as well on falcon arena’s twitch channel


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