SNKP/ENTERBRAIN Tournament in Japan 14 Jan

– SNKPlaymore and Famitsu’s Enterbrain are officially cooperating with a tournament to be held in Japan.
– This Special Tournament will be held on Jan 14 at an exclusive venue in Nishinippori Versus.
– Rules for the tournament will be the same as the KCE Cup 5 which will be held on the previous day.
– Rules: 2-on-2 team match, same characters can’t be used, Alt characters are considered separate.
– Two teams from the KCE Cup 5 preliminaries will be given seeding at this Special Tournament.
– KCE’s Dune will be helping out on the Special Tournament but is not involved in its decision makings.
– The Special Tournament will be even more hot than the KCE Cup 5, with some new ideas to make it additionally entertaining. And it will be streamed live on Nico. This will be a Special Tournament and a step into a new direction of things.
– The registration details & page for this tournament will be opened within 48 hours.

Thanks to Professor of MMCafe for the tip

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