I would like announce the new tutorial series for DEAD OR ALIVE 5 made by myself. which can be found here:

This video is a main interface which will link to a 12 video series that is meant to guide beginners and pros alike through the ins and outs of DOA5 starting from the basics, to how the triangle system works, to how the stun system works, to how to understand frame data, to the combo logic in DOA, to explaining how the environment comes into play, up to the properties of Tag mode.

Here you can see a teaser trailer series featuring voice commentary by top DOA and FGC members:

Guest commentary includes:
– Kayane (The Basics)
– Ryan Hart (Strikes)
– Matt Ponton (Throws)
– Hyrul (Holds)
– RZR Latif (The Triangle System)
– Mochi-A (Knockdowns & Recovery)
– Master (Stuns)
– Vanessa (Dealing With Stuns)
– Perfect Legend (Advanced Techniques)
– EG Justin Wong (Combos)
– Berzerk (The Environment)
– Emperor Cow (Tag Mode)

So far Volumes 01 and 02 have been released.

Vol. 01 The Basics (feat. Kayane) can be found here:

the following topics are covered in this video:
– The Button Layout 0:35
– Movement 1:47
– Side Stepping 3:35
– Guarding 4:53
– Taunting 6:21

Vol. 02 Strikes (Feat. Ryan Hart) can be found here:

The following topics are covered in this video:
– Height Properties 0:35
– Strings 1:52
– Power Blows 2:21
– Tracking 4:39
– Crushes 3:52
– Understanding Frame Data 6:38

This project took over 3 months in the making and I am really excited to finally be able to share it with you all.

I will be updating you as more volumes are released.

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