Super Versus Battle 2012 Registration Price goes up

Have you booked your tickets for SVB 2012?  Two weeks to go!!!

If not, you’ll be in for a nasty shock as the price went up mid Novemeber and will go up again upon the day.

Update: there seems to be a glitch where the price hasn’t gone up, so register now before they realise!



Here’s a recap of the details:


Day 1: 8th Dec 2012

  • Super Street Fighter 4 AE Ver 2012 (Xbox 360)
  • FIFA 13 (Playstation 3)
  • Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (Arcade)
  • Dead or Alive 5 (Xbox 360)

Day 2: 9th Dec 2012

  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Playstation 3)
  • Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 (Xbox 360)
  • King of Fighters XIII (Xbox 360)


Kensington Town Hall
Kensington Great Hall
Hornton Street
W8 7NX
United kingdom

Tournament Fees

This year, signing up in advance will save you up to £15 on venue entry and tournament fees. If you want to save money, please sign up as soon as possible.
When advanced sign-ups open, the following prices apply up to the 15th Novenber 2012:
Venue entry: £20 (covers you for both days)
Tournament entry: £10 (per game)
The following prices apply from the 16th-30th November:
Venue entry: £25 (covers you for both days)
Tournament entry: £10 (per game)
The following prices apply on the actual days of Super VS Battle 2012:
Venue entry: £30 (covers you for both days)
Tournament entry: £15 (If there are available spaces)

We may allow a limited number of tournament entrants on the day, but only if there are spaces available. Sign up in advance to guarantee your spot. If you just want to spectate and play casuals, you can still pay for entry on the day.
Paypal option for advanced payment will be activated on the sign up page very shortly for Paypal users and Debit/credit card holders.
Tournament Prizes:


At Super VS Battle, cash prizes will be given to the top 4 places in each tournament. The amount of prize money given will depend on how many players enter each game. There is a £10 sign up fee for each game. The sign up fees for each game will go into the tournament prize pot for that particular game. From 1st to 4th, the prizes will be split 60/25/10/5%.

EXTRA PRIZES: Also the winner of each game will be given the title Super VS Battle World Champion, and awarded a Trophy for the event.

Casual Zone:
There will be a community casual zone at SVB this year as normal. This time however, we will be letting people bring their own equipment, TV’s, consoles and games. We will not be supplying games or Consoles for this Zone.
Once our tournaments finish, we will leave all of our setups on for casual play.

The Games:

1: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3)
2: King of Fighters XIII (Xbox 360)
3: Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 (Xbox 360)
4: Dead or Alive 5 (TBC)
5: Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Arcade Ver)
6: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver 12 (Xbox 360)
7: Fifa 13 (TBA)

>>> More details at the site

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