Champions League Replay

Check out hot matches from Paris including Salim vs Frionel, Coungster using Hwa, Luffy using Mai and CCL using Joe!

2 dates: On the first, 24 players kicked the crap outta each other in 4 pools, and the top 12 are sent to league A, the other to league B. These two leagues will never meet again. Two DE tournaments will take place on the 2nd date to decide the champ of each league.

Here are the results:
League A: Frionel/Fox/Tahar/Cuongster- Salim/CCL/PiccoloSan/Luffy- Force DGYPT/Shinkawa/Brownsky/Farid
League B: Dooms/Pharaon/2Pac/Queute- Faty/Jym/Reds/Salad/Shuroan/Tom Sawyer/Kilam/Lordmed

And the replay:

Watch live video from danstacavesf on TwitchTV

See you this Sunday for part 2 and the crowning of each league champ!

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