Ultimate Clash XIII Results and Report

Arghh! I actually don’t feel bad losing at this event for some reason, well, watch the finals to see why. Almost got a perfect 4 nil run against my opponent in the finals but it wasn’t meant to be considering brackets reset.

I don’t like Clark’s air grab tech, heh :/ Well done to everyone, the level was impressive considering the ppl that played. Amin and Lord Tenrai were very exciting to watch because Tenrai was unleashing some new stuff and has levelled up so much if you knew his level about 3-4 months ago. Amin beat TKO Super to make it to 3rd place which was surprising to everyone even Amin admitted he might’ve lost if they kept playing, but this shows his dedication to getting better and doing well against longer term players.

Anime Con 5 Venue is at the Rocket Complex on Holloway road. . . the burgers they sell there are quite good! and the atmosphere is lively with some random Anime stuff going on that I didn’t really pay attention to. I didn’t take any pictures because it’s the same venue UC is held at all the time anyway. Watch the videos and see the scrubby London play 🙂

Also what happened to next mans who were playing kof13 until recently then dropped off the face of the earth from events???


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