Mr KOF is the target and France wants revenge for their defeat at his hands at WGC12!!!

“I’ll do my best to show to the world how we play KOF in France. Mr KOF, your time has come! You defeated us at home, now it’s your time to fall!” 

Frionel won the road to Evo tournament, but the 30 players that entered the tournament weren’t enough to raise funds needed for the flight, which rises seemingly every minute!

We need your help to pitch in, as we did last year, to bring the maximum hype to EVO, to make it a truly international event. Japan will be representing with Kaoru, Mago and Tokido, while Korea will have Mad_KOF. You could say that’s Asia sorted, now what about EU?

Please help send Frionel to take that grudge match to the centre stage, and make EVO all that more entertaining, and relevant to us back home. Whether you’re cheering on Mr KOF or Frionel, you know it’ll be a great fight!

Let’s do this! Let’s go! I’ll do another raffle for a figure starting from TODAY!

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Finals Replay!

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