Option Select (and more) Tutorial

SNKP released their newest video which covers a few things including option select.  It is in Japanese but you are advised to watch it.  Here’s some helpful guidance from SonicTempest:

The first bit does talk about that option select, but in the context of how the KOF input recognition system works.

The order is .D > .C > .B > .A ,

so if you press .A .D a .D comes out

and if you press .A .C a .C comes out etc.

However if you do a command move using simultaneous inputs the priority system is overriden

(i.e. doing fwd .A .C with Iori will result in a fwd .A coming out).

The Mr Karate bit is talking about damage scaling. Specifically how there are moves that incur normal damage scaling based on the number of hits, and moves that incur the same amount of damage scaling throughout (based on the number of hits in the combo at the time of the first hit of the special move).

An example given is Mr Karate’s Zanretsuken ( fwd bk fwd .P ).

It goes on to say that if you use one of these moves as a followup attack (from moves that allow followups) the damage scaling would normally proceed as normal, but if you do it with the fastest possible timing the move used to follow up will incur the scaling of the previous move.

The example given is Kim’s qcf qcf .K -> QCB db fwd .K .

When cancelled normally the second DM does 195 damage in total due to scaling. If you do it with the fastest possible timing it instead does its full damage of 210 (because the previous move had no scaling).

The rest of the moves shown are examples of this in action. There’s also some sort of exception where this rule doesn’t apply (something about attacks with mid-air hit detection?)

The Yuri/Iori bit is talking about how buttons pressed during a screen blackout (super flash) will not be registered (so you can’t roll on reaction during a super flash, for instance) but if you keep the buttons HELD DOWN, after the flash ends your command will execute with the fastest possible timing. It even works for attacks with a long super flash

(like Ryo’s qcf qcf .A .C ).

And here’s the video:

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