When KOF XIII came out, I bought it for both consoles as I wanted to play whichever had the best netcode. However, it turned out to be more a case of play the one that your friends are on. This turned out to be PSN, and I found a 4 bar connection and was quite impressed. I had briefly tried XBL but didn’t actually compare. Until last night.

I have tried playing KOF with the same friend (ZeroNiiro) on XBL and PSN. The results were obvious.  XBL was better, by far – and this is with a 2 bar connection.

Less input delay, less jerking, more ability to hit confirm.

The 2 bar rating should be ignored because my friend lives in the same town.  The rating seems to be more indicative of Internet traffic rather than distance, as I’ve seen it go up and down while playing with the same person.

If you didn’t know, I live in the UK.  Over in the US, I asked Arturo Sanchez to confirm the theory, and he did so with SFAE.  Same result.  You get a better connection when you pay for it i.e. XBL.

This is not to say throw away your PS3, I’m certainly keeping mine, and I’ve had lots of fun KOF XIII matches on PSN, but if you take online fighting games seriously and don’t have lots of friends nearby to give you 4 bar connections, Orochinagi recommends Xbox Live.


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