Patch Details Revealed

Blog update from SNKP: … plays.html

The patch is coming out on PS3 first and will hit Xbox 360 later. Apparently they’re promising some additional features as well as adjusted networking code.

Some information about the patch here: … index.html


  1.  You can filter ranked matches by ping  (so only players with the bars you want can enter) – SWEET!
  2. Custom Match settings are saved between sessions
  3.  Adjusted display of ping levels – no real details given on what they changed – this still isn’t accurate by my tests so far
  4. Adjusted stability of online connections – again, no real details …
  5. Fixed some bugs in PLAYER DATA section – hopefully fixes the colour unlock data / win data reset bug
  6. Fixed some bugs in REPLAY section – hopefully fixes the “always deletes from first page” bug
  7. Fixed a number of bugs related to CUSTOMIZE and downloadable characters

Thanks to Prof and SonicTempest

Most importantly, I would recommend going online to test this as much as possible.  I’m still seeing 3 bar matches that play like 1 and vice versa, even on xbl.  Try a match with minimum 2 bar, if there’s serious input delay, get out and find somebody else.  From testing, so far, hosting is a big advantage.


Update from RSG (Thx Evil Yagami)

  • Ranked Match Filtering: one of the most requested additions; players may now set conditions for their opponent’s connection. When a player who doesn’t meet the standby conditions tries to enter the Ranked match, a warning message will be displayed and the match cancelled.
  • Improved Filtering: filtering functionality in general is dramatically improved. Previously, certain connection data was insufficiently filtered and the player had a chance of connecting to opponents with poor connection quality. Now, more aggressive filtering should ensure that players are only matched with opponents who meet their filter settings.
  • Improved Connection Antenna: the computation behind the players’ connection antenna, the meter indicating the quality of a player’s connection, has been improved, resulting in a more accurate and consistent measurement.
  • Temporarily Saved Custom Match Settings: players may continue searching for opponents with the same settings as long as the player remains in the PLAYER MATCH/RANKED MATCH menu.
  • Character-specific Bug Fixes: NESTS-Style Kyo and Iori with the Power of Flames no longer become unresponsive under certain circumstances.
  • Additional refinements, fixes, and more!

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