And the first reviews say…

From EGM:

Even as epic productions like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 continue to push the boundaries of what we expect for graphics in gaming, there’s still something heartwarming in the type of quality 2D that KOFXIII displays that simply cannot be replicated by any amount of polygons. [Read More

From SRK:

Yet none of this would matter if a community can’t grow around it, which all but requires decent online play so you can compete with people outside your local scene. Thankfully, KoF XIII seems to deliver on this end. While this is admittedly a small sample size done in pre-release conditions, I was able to play several matches against an Atlus representative for this review and found the online play worked fairly well. [Read More]

Professor has this to add:

Quick heads up- Reports from two Japanese players say that KOF13 on PS3  is arcade quality gameplay on 4 bars. Optic fiber connections, 60km/37mile distance.

Don’t forget to join us tonight on eLive with Ryan Hart to discuss his first impressions of KOF XIII. Tell your friends who like SFIV / MK9 -.

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