Ultimate Clash 4 – KOF 2002UM Results

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Ultimate Clash 4 – KOF 2002UM Results

   FGC News   January 23, 2011  7 Comments

I really wish I had a part time job.

2002um: 8 man bracket/ best of three matches.

1st Round

Aion (W) vs ZeroNiiro

ATB_555 vs Giga D (W)

Shoju vs Kusogaki (W)

Gunsmith (W) vs Shin Dragon

Semi Finals

Aion vs Giga D (W)

Kusogaki (W) vs Gunsmith


Giga D vs Kusogaki (W)

All matches were capped, some were not exactly stellar play, but the finals were fantastic, a crazy upset, you could feel the stress in the air (and luckily not smell it).? Neo-Empire will have the vids up soon – I’ll let you know asap.

Good times, and bumped into some old heads once again, who really should get back into KOF, you know who you are, you little devil! :p

All that remains is to say, warms ups are over boys, the serious business begins Feb 6th!? Get ready!

If you see this man, he has win money.

Edit: Finals vid-

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