2k2UM Weekend + Gallery

To er.. celebrate the release of 2k2UM, we set up a session at mine.? It was… hard to find the venue :p

The pumping KOF BGM also helped deaf people find their way...

There were barely any BC combos used at all.? Fun!? -And that’s why there’s no videos lol.? Out of the people who turned up (Rory/Giga D/Aion/MichelS/Gunsmith) the only one who had practiced at all was… yours truly.? Of course, there’s no substitute for a human opponent.? While I completely forgot about Clark’s BC DM, you can totally forget about <– –> C cancelled into HCFx2 D- there’s no way these cruddy fingers are doing that.? Funnily enough we did get to discuss button layout (article coming!) and the future of ON/Clan/2k2um or XIII and the state of KOF in the UK…

Kusogaki and Giga will be bringing back the Ranking Battles for 2k2um…

Aion was looking for these… The KOF2k2UM Gallery, including all the portraits and team endings.

Ummm that's just wrong?

While not quite UM, Shura’s 2k2 Guide FAQ has found a permanent home here and is highly recommended reading, if you want to know more about how KOF actually works.? Think of all those mooks in Japanese, this is the next best thing.? I might build on it for UM, but that’s dependent on XIII.

There’s also a new Lin combo vid by DC here

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