Polite Phrases 2

Direct > polite > Indirect or super polite

I want > I would like > [Would it be / is it] possible to have

Thanks / Cheers > Thank you (very much) > That’s very kind / I’m (so) grateful for…

I can’t make it > I’m afraid I can’t be there / present > Unfortunately it’s not possible to attend

I promise > I assure you > I can assure you

Could you > I was wondering if you could

Please could you > I would be grateful if you could > Is it possible to ..

You haven’t > According to our records, (it seems that) we haven’t received … > the ___ has not been received

Don’t forget > please remember that xxx is due this Friday > we would like to remind you that …

What do you want? > Please (do) let us know your requirements

I need > we require > It is necessary that

I’m sorry > Please accept our apologies for

Re: meeting > regarding / in regards to / in reference to/ the meeting

I’m sorry to tell you > We regret to advise you that

But > However

Also > In addition

So > Thus / therefore

Shall I > Would you like us to

See you soon > We look forward to seeing you soon

Btw > Just to let you know > Incidentally

As we agreed/ said in our email / on the telephone > Further to our email / conversation on the 29th > Following on from ….

Feel free to ask > please do not hesitate to ask any questions

I’d like to ask about > I’d like to inquire

If you need help just call me > If I can be of any further assistance, please ask / call / contact

Thanks > Thanks in advance > Thank you in advance

Hope to hear from you soon > Looking forward to your (prompt) reply

Please find enclosed / attached

Please complete the attached forms and return by 12th Feb

Please see below
If you look at the table below, we can see

Please ignore last email > please disregard previous email, it was sent in error

I hope this has reached you in time

Hope you had a good weekend?

Sorry I can’t > I’m afraid it’s not possible that day / my agenda is fully booked /

I need to cancel > Unfortunately, we have to postpone, something urgent has come up

We don’t like these conditions > Our main concerns at this stage are :

No > I hear what you are saying, however, that would be difficult

We realised that this sucks > It has been brought to our attention that there is an issue

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