You probably heard about it, you probably saw a photo… if you didn’t! Here it comes!!! A huge thanks to True Challengers CR for all their work and for making Furia Tica 2015 so goddam awesome!

Kudos to Vicio for his performance at the tournament and on commentary, totally unbiased ^^ It was a big meet up of international ON members with Gabo and Rockland Kyo also repping!

Another note to remind you, as Shadowloo Shodown closed after a six year run, you must cherish your events, you cannot assume there will be another one, you can’t assume the players will be back, that you’ll get another trophy like this! Go and support, and HAVE FUN! DON’T MISS OUT! Congrats to all participants of course top players Misterio <3 <3 <3 and Violent Kain, Whip, Huevo, Schmoo, El Rosa, Stonne, Ars, Gabo and the rest!

True Challengers CR would like to give a special thanks to Richard Salazar for the trophy, and TxC Team & LDA, El Gallo Negro, Cms Productions, Nemesis Team, Rockland Kyo, UCreativa and the Colombian community for support! [row][column width=”1/2″][/column][column width=”1/2″][/column][/row] Misterio will arrive in Chile soon, but maybe the world tour may not be over! [row][column width=”1/2″]

Photo by Johan Smith
Photo by Johan Smith

[/column][column width=”1/2″]

Photo by Johan Smith
Photo by Johan Smith


Photo by Randall Coto
The lovely Rake Gamboa, Photo by Randall Coto



Video Replays

The Grand Finals are hype son, HYPE! DEM COMEBACKS!!! GRAND FINALS If you liked Misterio’s hat, you better hit the store.

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