Ozhadou Nationals 11-13 Sep #DKO Spicy Cup this weekend #OHN13 #KOF

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Ozhadou Nationals 11-13 Sep #DKO Spicy Cup this weekend #OHN13 #KOF

3 events this weekend featuring all kinds of fighting games.


Will be live only, in this channel around 6am French time

????????????? live broadcast

Featuring Tortita and Tennkawa as they battle for Ash supremacy!

OHN 13


Kevin Burnout Fighter, Falco, ON.Colonov, x5 Baxter and many more: Full list here

Brackets for all official games:

Ultra Street Fighter IV
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Mortal Kombat X
The King of Fighters XIII
Tekken Tag Tournament 2

But there are other games such as P4U and VF, check this list

Stream Schedule

Check the original post here



Featuring Misterio, Problem X, Ryan Hart, Luffy, Valmaster, Atma, Frionel, Salim and more!


Duties will be via VSFTV and maybe KOF (but not finals) all day via Gunsmith on twitch  and or Youtube.


ohh anddd a lottery prize for entrants


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