Double KO Summer Event 2014





P4U2 Region Lock


We shared this a while back but it’s doing the rounds again, so let’s explain.
P4U2 will be region free. What does this mean? You can buy the USA version on PS3 and XBox and it will work on your console, wherever you are.

But if you do that, you will need a US account to buy DLC for this game, as that is region locked.  There are some reports of people being able to use their EU card to buy things from the US store, however…

Adachi will be free for pre-orders, for the first week (whatever that means).

What this also may mean is no physical local release for other regions. How would you feel about that?


EVO Streams etc

If you have access to SRK, you don’t need to read any further.

Thanks to FGC News for the alternate stream chart






Nico Nico Streams


Niconico Live Japanese Language Stream Day 1 #1
Niconico Live Japanese Language Stream Day 1 #2


Niconico Live Japanese Language Stream Day 2 #1
Niconico Live Japanese Language Stream Day 2 #2


Niconico Live Japanese Language Stream FINAL


Side Streams




It would seem the KOF guys have the equipment in place but no 4G connection to stream.  If you can help please get in touch with @isostrife on twitter ASAP.

Saying that, we wish all competitors the best at EVO2014!

But especially Bubblan AB7 and Vicio. HEHEHEH GOOOOOOOOO’ONNNNN

Things will be very interesting due to the following bits of news:

  • Misterio def ET in FT15
  • ET def Misterio in Ft15 #2
  • ET wins KOF Challenge II (2nd Verna, 3rd Reynald)
  • Woo hurt his arm
  • Reynald can’t attend EVO
  • Xiaohai def Misterio 5-1
  • Xiaohai def Woo 5-3
  • Plus the following players are still in the mix:woo luffy jinpachi luischa xian rf tokido bubblanab7 kyabetsu kira yagami et gutts umezono gian pam misterio sangetencho madkof pachukof oep dakou verna kbr houshen khannibalito chriskof mrkof thebeast juicebox ricky diaz rockland kyo violentkain el rosa zeroblack yoshi xiaohai realkim




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