Hey guys, Gunny here. Tortita wrote earlier that he was ending the donation drive because Gutts had enough money. Well, he does, but if you know Evo, you know that’s it’s not just about a flight and hotel. Man’s gotta eat! I’m sure the community will be nice, but we’d prefer that Gutts doesn’t have to worry about anything. So it would be nice for him to have a bit more pocketmoney to be able to get through the weekend comfortably. So, here’s to a final 24 hours! Please throw in your spare change, it’ll make a world of difference, and thanks to all donators so far!!!!

UFGT FGC donated USD 163.57 YOU ROCK!!! Special thanks to Romance and Herbert!

[donation-can goal_id=’help-gutts-to-evo’ style_id=’default’ show_progress=true show_description=true show_donations=false show_title=true title=”]


And now for some KOF95

Held in Ikebukuro Rumble Plaza, this is part of the arcade’s “promotion” to their many old school event.
Original upload by ????

Title : KOF95?????????????2014?2?10?

Source :

Description : ?????????????????????4in1??KOF95??????




Fighting Climax from Acho

KOF 13 bits by TSS.Atma

The ‘UK Gutts’ is still hard at work and releasing videos to give you ideas to mixup your play!

Karate Setup

All Guard bug

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